Ben Baller: the jeweller who monopolised the world's wealthiest celebrities

by Sara C贸rdoba

What makes Ben Baller so special?

Our protagonist is synonymous with exuberance, glamour, luxury and eccentricity. We are talking about the acclaimed jeweller Ben Yang, better known by his nickname Ben Baller. We can assure you that when you finish reading this article, you will never look at any of his creations in the same way again. He has an innate ability to create captivating and disconcerting designs. We won't tell you more and start discovering one of our favourite artists with Finally Rich Magazine one of our favourite artists.

Ben Yang, of South Korean descent, was born and raised in Los Angeles, specifically in the Koreatown neighbourhood. There, he learned from his mother everything he needed to know to run a business while he trained at the School of Fine Arts in cinematography. However, at that time in his life, he had another passion that occupied all his energy: music. At the age of 21, he formalised as a DJ and embarked on a successful 10-year career. But his true touch of mastery came in 2004, when he teamed up with his uncle and cousin to found Icee Fresh & CO, a luxury jewellery store that is still in business today.

Distinction makes perfection

Ben quickly learned all his family's knowledge of the goldsmithing industry and just as quickly distanced himself from classical designs and created his own style. He became a pro at maximalist, extravagant, diamond encrusted pieces and high quality materials. This unique combination brought his custom jewellery to exorbitant prices and attracted the attention of celebrities from the Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B world.

His fame began to spread and he began to receive commissions to design the "bling bling" of artists such as Snoop Dogg, Drake and Asap Rocky. Each one bigger, with more diamonds and more eye-catching. You can see some of his creations on his Instagram account @benballer. At that moment Ben's artistic style is established and the philosophy of his jewellery begins to possess his personality and ostentation becomes a characteristic of his public figure. In fact, today he is known for his luxurious collections. For example, one of his fascinations are the statues of Kaws, a contemporary artist to whom, by the way, we have also dedicated an article full of curiosities. (Kaws, the contemporary artist who brought street art to museums).

Thus Ben Baller positions himself at the top by combining the most luxurious jewellery with extravagant and eye-catching street fashion. That's why Finally Rich Magazine puts this artist in a very special position. Not only for responding to a sector that was booming at the time, but also for staying true to his daring style. For that courage and a moral of faith in oneself we dedicate this space today.

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