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Today we have the pleasure to interview a very unique artist, SLip, a French artist with many interesting things to highlight for all those who want to dive into the digital world and want to discover new techniques.

SLip is an artist who stands out for his colours and his vintage images; he shapes characters in a vintage way mixed with bright colours to tell a story, an artistic expression that brings us to an art full of meaning and uniqueness.

This entrepreneur has his own website where you can find out more about his work, he also has an Instagram account so you won't miss his latest works.

Join us to know more about this artist and his works!!!...... WE START 🚀

We are delighted to have you in the magazine, first we would like you to introduce yourself as an artist.

I'm SLip, an old French geek who spends most of his time on his computer. I've been making digital collages for more than 15 years. I like to put normal people in strange situations, meeting people they wouldn't meet in normal life. I use this to spread messages in my social networks 🙂

We think your art is very singular and unique, could you tell us more about your particularity, how would you define your style?


For me, I make digital collages (that's the medium) and I use that medium to create surreal situations. We can call it surrealist digital collage. It may have some links to the surrealist masters of the early 20th century. My work could be seen as a distant grandchild of the Dadaist and Soviet artists of the 1930s mixed with the digital touch of our days.

Are you inspired by any artist or element in your work?

I work every day on my artworks and my first inspiration are the ideas that arise in my brain. Like everyone else, societal issues such as ecology or inequality are always present in my mind and sometimes a trigger brings this idea to life in an artwork. The trigger can be an image I have seen on the internet, a word I have heard in the street, a fashion style I have seen in advertising...
Sometimes, music can make me think and create an image in my brain. Then I work it out on my computer.

What is your day-to-day life as an artist and entrepreneur like?

I work every day on artworks, I have more than ten works in the same time, some of them will never leave my hard drive. I try to add at least one new composition every day. When I want to change my mind, I try new things like animations based on my works. Like everyone else, I have had to spend time on communication to get new collaborations, new projects, to meet new people who can help me to spread my work.
Sometimes, I also work in collaboration or on commission with magazines, music groups, brands...
So most of my working time is filled 🙂

I have no goal to reach, no milestone after which I can say I am finished. Rather, I see myself doing things every day of my life . I would love to do more and more projects with more and more resources and more and more visibility. I'd rather run marathons than 100 meters 🙂

How do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years? What goals would you like to achieve?

I have no goal to reach, no milestone after which I can say I am finished. Rather, I see myself doing things every day of my life . I would love to do more and more projects with more and more resources and more and more visibility. I'd rather run marathons than 100 meters 🙂

Can you mention a favourite work of yours?

One of my favourite plays is "Beating the Whites with the Red Wedge" by El Lissitsky.

The Lissitzky 1919

Although it is far from my design, I really like the composition, the fact that there is a strong message, the use of simple shapes... Lissitzky is one of my favourite artists. I'm a big fan of Peter Saville and among all the covers he did, the Joy Division one seems perfect to me.

In your career as an artist, what has been your best and worst moment?

In creation, there are moments that I especially like, the moment when the idea becomes visual in my mind. It's great the moment when I finish a new design and see that it's pretty close to the initial idea. The worst moment is probably when I have had to abandon a design because I realise that the meaning is not there, that the idea I want to express is not understandable.

How do you see art in France, and do you think digital art has a similar impact on your locality as social media?

I find it difficult to present art in France. Unfortunately, I only have a very narrow view of art. From my point of view, France will always be a land of art. We can easily see artists in the big cities. You can discover old masters in museums as well as emerging talents in small exhibitions.
For me, digital art is still less considered than painting because no object is made. Even when I have done exhibitions, I feel that the prints of my work have no more value than painting or handmade designs 🙂

Finally we would like readers to get some advice from SLip, what advice would you give to future artists?

Wow, what a responsibility! My main advice might be to keep doing things every day. Working over time seems to be better than making a buzz and disappearing. Always keep in mind that if you feel misunderstood, you might be missing the explanation.

We have found it very interesting to have shared this time with SLip, it is clear to us that he is a true artist and entrepreneur.

Thank you!

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